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1) updated original rt0 to remove libstrongswan dependency

a) identity credential being made/accessed with openssl api calls

(X509/EVP_PKEY pem)

b) attribute credential being made/access via xmlsec1 (custom XML


2) refactored libcreddy into libabac and now one ABAC namespace for


3) added attribute_rule suboption to creddy's attribute as another way

to insert access rule

4) added some regression tests into example directory
5) updated some docs.

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1design              the design of libabac
2API                 external API
3keystore            keystore format
4role_names          details about role names
6usage_scenario      an example usage scenario
8INSTALL             installation instructions
9dependencies        software dependencies
10java_install        Java installation instructions
12for creddy doc, see creddy(1) in the man pages
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