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1) updated original rt0 to remove libstrongswan dependency

a) identity credential being made/accessed with openssl api calls

(X509/EVP_PKEY pem)

b) attribute credential being made/access via xmlsec1 (custom XML


2) refactored libcreddy into libabac and now one ABAC namespace for


3) added attribute_rule suboption to creddy's attribute as another way

to insert access rule

4) added some regression tests into example directory
5) updated some docs.

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1A libabac keystore is a simple directory filled with some number of X509
2identity and XML attribute certificates. It may optionally include RSA
3private keys.
5X509 identity certs are identified as files whose names end in _ID.der
6or _ID.pem. The part before the _ID.pem is irrelevant, though for the
7sake of convneince the libabac credential manager gives it the name of
8the CN you supplied.
10XML attribute certs are identified as files whose names end in
11_attr.xml. The portion before the _attr.xml is irrelevant.
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