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    3131On the right is the results of the current query, which is used to test if a given principal has a given attribute/role.  The role is entered in the left text box and the principal in the right.  If the query is successful, the query success icon turns into a green smiling face; a failed query shows the red "X".
     33These details are summarized below.
     38=== Running A Query ===
     40To demonstrate running a query, load an example set of credentials from .  Select "Open a URL" from the File menu and type into the dialog box and hit return.
     42A set of credentials will appear layed out roughly as a tree.  You will probably need to move the boxes around a bit to see the structure.  You can move a vertex by putting the pointer on it, holding doen the left mouse button and dragging the box. You can pan around the space by putting the pointer on the background, holding the left button and dragging the whole frame. With a little moving you should see something like the image below.
     46If you enter Acme.buy_rockets in the leftmost query box and Coyote in the other and hit enter, you will see the following.
     50The query pane shows the similing face icon and the part of the graph containing the path from Coyote to Acme.buy_rockets.  The credential graph encodes the idea that to buy rockets from Acme, a principal must be a preferred customer of Acme (the Acme.preferred_customer role) and be a !WarnerBros character (the !WarnerBros.character role).  The Coyote meets both conditions, but Batman meets only one in this example.
     52To see that Batman cannot buy rockets enter Acme.buy_rockets in the leftmost query box and Coyote in the other and hit enter.  You will see an empty query with the red "X".