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The ABAC project collects several useful pieces of software implementing Attribute-Based Access Control.

  • libabac, a linkable C/C++ library
  • libcreddy, a linkable C/C++ library for X.509 identity and attribute certificate management
  • Perl and Python bindings to libabac and libcreddy
  • an XML-RPC pre-prover
  • creddy, a command line interface to libcreddy


See the ChangeLog for details about each release

  • 2010-10-01: ABAC 0.1.2 released
  • 2010-09-17 2010-09-20: ABAC 0.1.1 released
    • Update: We fixed a one-line bug in creddy. If you downloaded this over the weekend, please fetch it again.


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  • Steve Schwab schwab@…


Grab the latest tarball from (released 2010-10-01)

Older versions available from

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Bleeding Edge (Mailing list!)

Available via anonymous git:

git clone git://

dev mailing list: If you're using anything out of git, you should be on it. It's low-volume, I promise!



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