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installation instructions

Native Java is supported by ABAC since 0.1.3


The API presented by Java ABAC is nearly identical to that presented by the other supported languages. When in doubt, refer to the Javadoc.

All normal ABAC keystores and examples work equally well with Java.


The Java code all lives in the Java subdirectory of the main source tree.

Just Compile

ant all

Other Compile Options

The following ant targets are supported:

  • all: clean then compile and make docs
  • compile: build the library and test programs
  • run-test: run a simple test program in (params in target)
  • run-dump: run a program to dump a certificate in ASN1 (params in target)
  • jar: build jabac.jar in build/jar/jabac.jar
  • doc: greate API javadocs in ./doc
  • dev-doc create developer API javadocs in ./dev-doc (includes package/private/protected functions)
  • clean: remove created files (includes .der and .pem in this directory)