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Table of Contents

  1. Installing from Source

jabac is a native java implementation of libabac, based on the Jung graph libraries. It developed alongside the C libabac library, and the API is the same in general, but there are some differences in detail. Some calls take slightly different parameters and the whole thing takes more advantage of the java object framework. The jibrary has complete javadocs on the site as well as in the distribution.

The java is distributed in the main source distribution and full sources are in the usual source code reops.

Installing from Source

Download the main distribution and install the java dependencies. Those are a JVM and the ant build system. Everythine else is in the distribution. From there you can build the distribution:

$ cd abac-0.1.5/java
$ ant all

That target creates the jabac jar file (in build/jabac-1.5.jar) and the java docs for users (in doc) and developers (in dev-doc). You can run regression tests using:

$ ant regression-test

The regression tests (in net/deterlab/abac/regression) show jabac in action, as does the crudge browser.